Fright Free Children

and the Effects of Low-Level Violence

Frightening a child hurts them, can leave them deeply impacted, even traumatized. This fact isn't widely recognized. For this end this book was written. As a community member: talk it up with others in your community - your church, your shul, your mosque, your community centre. If your group is already fright- free discuss how you might pass it on. Start discussing what message this gives to kids when you frighten them. Check out the BLOG where many issues are discussed and remedies suggested.

The Book

Frght Free Book's front cover



1. Why we frighten children
2. The history of childhood
3. Horror
4. Fear
5. Is violence inevitable
6. Low level violence: other examples
7. The sources of violence
8. Censorship
9. Thoughts are things
10. Horror Harms
11. Violence begets violence - Evoking evil
12. Solutions to the problem of violence
13. Additional solutions for teachers
14. Additional solutions for parents
15. Moving the Fright-Free agenda forward


The Blog
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The Author - Biography
Merina Balten

An elementary school teacher with degrees in General Arts and in Theology. Currently putting together material to submit to the Ontario Provincial government as well as the local school boards asking that spirituality and a more holistic approach be now included in the school curriculum, asking that the broader life questions also be on the table. The same way that we accept the provisional, best guess answers from science, when they're not sure, children also need to hear the world's religions' best guess answers to the big questions about life, even though we're not sure here who to believe.

The book Fright Free Children and the Effects of Low-Level Violence, is the result of many years of observation, dreams and consultation with teachers and parents and will be soon available as a download on this site.

Spiritual education: Merina studied spirituality and dream interpretation for many years under a teacher who was tutored by the well-known monk Padre Pio in Italy. She also took extensive courses with Dr. Wm. Bezman at Pathways to Health in New York, studied with Rev. James McShane in Lindsay, ON, as well as took courses at Delphi Spiritual University in Georgia, earning certification in Spiritual Hypnotherapy and Spirit Releasement. She is presently in the process of applying for a doctorate program at OISE in Toronto.

Merina Balten - author

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